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 The Services Unit is a vital part in the overall operation of the Albemarle County Police Department and provides a critical support function to law enforcement administration and operations. The unit provides this support 24 hours every day, including holidays. The Services Unit personnel are often the first representative of the department that citizens and other law enforcement agencies come into contact with. As they answer the radio calls from officers, take phone calls and assist citizens arriving at the department, the Services Unit personnel are focused on customer service and accuracy of information.
Our police officers rely on the Services Unit to provide them with accurate and timely information relating to the situations or people they are dealing with and to quickly provide other assistance as needed. In addition to providing a wide range of services to the public and patrol officers, the Services Unit is responsible for all data entry, maintenance, security and recall of records. These records include all information relating to law enforcement including arrests, summonses, reports and related activities generated by members of this agency, received from outside law enforcement agencies or generated by the courts.






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