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Physical Agility Test


The Training and Professional Development Unit sets high standards for all personnel in an effort to reach and maintain the county's four core values:  Integrity, Innovation, Leadership and Stewardship.  The unit is primarily responsible for coordinating training for current officers and the recruitment of new officers to the department.

The Albemarle County Police Department is committed to the value of training in promoting professional performance. The development, renewal, and enhancement of skills, knowledge, and cooperative action are basic to the quality of an agencys operation.  The discipline of an agency, in both its general and specific operations, depends on the shared understanding and practices developed and reinforced through training.  Needed and appropriate training must therefore be provided in a fair, effective, and timely manner.  This training must be relevant to practices and promote improved operation towards a greater realization of the Departments mission.  In general, the Training and Professional Development Unit (TPDU) is responsible for developing, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating, and record keeping related to formal training for Department members.  In addition, all supervisory personnel are similarly responsible for assuring that appropriate training is provided to their personnel in support of high quality performance


It is fundamental to the quality of the Albemarle County Police Departments operation to have the best police officers possible. To that end, the department shall practice a regimented, relevant, and rigorous selection procedure while simultaneously affording equal opportunity to all applicants. All elements of the selection process will be administered, scored, evaluated and interpreted in a fair and uniform manner. The Albemarle County Police will follow, at a minimum, the requirements found in 15.2-1705 Code of Virginia on minimum police officer qualifications. The Albemarle County Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.



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