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No application for the position of POLICE OFFICER will be considered if there is an indication of any of the following:

Conviction of any felony
Illegal use of any schedule I or schedule II drugs (see below for marijuana specifics)
Unlawful use of schedule III or IV drugs
Prolonged use or recent use (within a 24 month period) of marijuana 
Criminal activity, which is of serious nature, reflects moral turpitude or indicates a tendency to disregard the law
Conviction of domestic assault
An extensive history of traffic violations or negative point balance of driving record
Conviction of DUI or DUI related offense within the last five years
Continual or unexplained poor financial responsibilities

Also, an applicant may be eliminated from further consideration, on a case by case basis, for either of the following reasons:

Deception or omission on the Personal History Statement
Substance abuse (legal or illegal substances)

Commission of undetected crimes of a serious or repetitive nature
Any behavior that would bring discredit to the Albemarle County Police Department



For clarification on any of the above mentioned disqualifiers.
Please contact our Training and Professional Development Unit at (434) 293-0443 or


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