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PhotoSafe in Albemarle County

PhotoSafe is Albemarle County’s photo red light enforcement program. This is an important and necessary traffic safety initiative -- during the three year period from January 2006 to January 2009, there have been 177 crashes at the Route 29/Rio Road intersection alone, 22 of which were attributable to red light running.


Red light cameras:

  • Increase safety and improve compliance with laws.
  • Supplement the uniformed police force by monitoring red light violations
  • Reduce the risks involved in red light violation enforcement at large intersections

The locations of monitored intersections will be highly publicized as they become active. The first intersection to be included in the PhotoSafe program is Route 29 North and Rio Road. Other intersections may be added in the future.

Although intersections are constantly being videotaped, only violators will be photographed and receive a civil penalty for violations.

Information on the Virginia law governing the photo-monitoring systems to enforce traffic light signals can be found under the Code of Virginia section 15.2-968.1.

The PhotoSafe program will begin with a 30-day warning period starting in November 12, 2010, and active enforcement will begin in December 12, 2010.

For further questions, contact the PhotoSafe Program Coordinator by phone at 434-296-5807 ext: 4575  or email at PhotoSafeinquiries@albemarle.org 





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