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Disc GolfThe Blue Ridge Disc Golf Club (BRDGC) was formed in February 2002 when a group of disc golfers in Charlottesville formed a non-profit club for the purpose of building a course and promoting the sport of disc golf in Central Virginia. The club has worked hard in cooperation with Albemarle County to build the course with over 1000 man-hours donated in its fundraising and construction over the past two years.

The Walnut Creek Course was designed by Mike Bonday, Mike August, and John Biscoe and was approved by the local PDGA official.  The course surrounds Walnut Creek Lake on 34 acres of the 527 acre park.  The course has a good mix of terrain offering scenic beauty as players shoot through field, woods, and water holes.  Beginners may want to avoid shooting over the water on hole #2.  The course includes two pin placements and two tees for each hole.  Disc golfers are asked to play with the rules of etiquette and respect the fisherman, bikers, and hikers that share the land.

Disc Golf got its start by the inventor of the Frisbee, "Steady" Ed Headrick, in 1975 when he designed and built the first "pole hole", a disc catching device consisting of a pole with chains, and a basket to catch the disc.  Since Steady Ed installed the first pole hole course in California, the sport has grown rapidly, and now has a governing body for rules and tournaments known as the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).  The PDGA currently lists 1,298 courses in the United States with 23 now listed in Virginia.   The club recently installed a kiosk near the swimming pavilion that offers information about disc golf and has maps and scorecards.  The club is also currently working with Green County to build another disc golf course.  More information, maps, and scorecards about disc golf and the course are available on the BRDGC Web site.