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Public discussion over the past several months regarding recreational uses at the Ragged Mountain Reservoir has focused significant attention on the topic of Albemarle County regulations regarding cycling at public drinking water reservoirs.  As has been noted in several public venues, County regulations state that activities not expressly permitted in the County Code are forbidden at those properties, including cycling.

This public focus caused Albemarle County Parks and Recreation staff to examine practices at the two other parks identified by County Code as public drinking resources, Totier Creek and Chris Greene Lake, more closely.  This examination revealed that Parks and Recreation was not in synch with the County’s regulations because cycling was being actively publicized as an acceptable recreational use at both Totier and Chris Greene when that activity is in fact prohibited by regulation.  In addition, the County was not taking active steps to encourage compliance with the regulation by posting cycling restrictions or taking other actions at the sites themselves.
When this discrepancy was discovered, Parks and Recreation staff acted immediately to correct the public information about cycling at Totier and Chris Greene by editing the website and printed materials to remove cycling as a recreational use.   Staff continues to examine all public information sources to correct inaccurate information and also is working to develop appropriate approaches to encourage compliance at the sites, including improved signage.
The Parks and Recreation Department acknowledges full responsibility for having made inaccurate information publically available that encouraged cycling at Totier Park and Chris Greene Lake, in conflict with existing regulations, and for not actively encouraging compliance with the regulations at the site itself.   We regret that our failure to address this issue has caused confusion for our park users and for the larger community.

Thank you for your interest in Albemarle County's Parks and Recreational Facilities. We value open space and natural resources, and our extensive park system is one reflection of our efforts to be good stewards of the beautiful natural environment of our County.

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