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What Can I Do as an Individual to Protect Albemarle County's Natural Resources?

  • Take steps to learn more about the natural resources on your property and in Albemarle County.

  • Support existing Albemarle County policies and ordinances that protect our natural resources.

  • Take advantage of free resources available from organizations that are working to conserve our natural heritage

  • Visit places open to the public in Albemarle County where you can learn about our natural history first hand.

  • Attend one of the many free presentations open to the public at Ivy Creek Natural Area.  

  • Volunteer to participate in one of Ivy Creek's annual surveys of bees, birds, butterflies, or other species. Ivy Creek staff provide the training. 

  • Enroll in a low-cost Natural History course available at Piedmont Virginia Community College

  • Volunteer your time to the Natural Heritage Committee. Contact David Hannah

  • Contribute exemplary digital images that you have taken of natural resources in Albemarle County that can be used on the Albemarle County website or in print publications. Before sending, please send information about what you have to offer to David Hannah. Write in Subject line: Photos for NHC website

  • Consider an alternative to a lawn. Increase the proportion of meadows, shrubs, trees

  • Select native shrubs and trees when landscaping your property. Native plants are best adapted to Virginia climate, require less care in terms of watering and pest control, and are beneficial to native wildlife. Visit a nursery selling native plants, or ask your favorite nursery to stock them.

  • Control non-native invasive plants that can quickly overtake beneficial native species.

  • Increase the diversity of planting on your property to have an increased diversity of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

  • Leave a few stranding dead trees, fallen dead timber, and brush piles on your property to provide habitat for native wildlife.

  • Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat in your backyard. Learn about this easy-to-implement program from the Natural Wildlife Federation.  

  • Minimize the use of chemical pesticides. Read labels carefully.  Identify your pest accurately and learn about the most effective control method

  • Protect  streams, rivers, and reservoirs on or abutting your property with vegetated buffers, preferably forest buffers.

  • Review Albemarle County's "Stream Protection Ordinance" before undertaking new construction or land disturbance on your property. 

  • Learn about Albemarle County's cost sharing program for restoring stream buffers

  • Learn about Albemarle County's Water Resources and Demonstration Projects. Replicate one of these projects on your own property

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