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The Albemarle County Natural Heritage Committee will develop a biodiversity action plan and subsequent implementation measures that provide means for sustaining the landscape states and ecological integrity required for important ecological services and healthy populations of native plants and animals.

The Natural Heritage Committee will use the following strategies to reach its goal:

  1. Continuous maintenance and improvement of the Biodiversity Assessment, to include all best available data on landscape states and function, as well as important species and community occurrences.
  2. Development and implementation of a public education program to inform a wide variety of citizens on biodiversity  in the County and its protection
  3. Development and implementation of a "Rapid Conservation Plan" for prompt protection of important sites under threat -- largely working at the scale of individual sites. 
  4. Development and implementation of a "Strategic Conservation Plan" to select and implement long-term measures for landscape-scale biodiversity protection.

The Natural Heritage Committee is composed of 10 to12 members with 2 to 4 year appointments.  Members are chosen by the Board of Supervisors from a pool of applicants.  The committee meets the first Monday of every month.

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