Office of Geographic Data Services

The County's GIS office, part of the Information Services division within the Department of Community Development, is dedicated to working in four primary program areas as follows:

  • Road naming and addressing  
    As new roads, driveways, and structures are built in the County, GIS staff maps them and assigns road names and addresses.
  • County statistics and demographic data analysis  
    GIS staff researches, tracks, and reports on many demographic characteristics about the County including development activity and trends, population distribution, and socio-economic data.
  • Mapping  
    GIS staff maintains and/or distributes a multitude of different mapping "layers".  Digital versions of various mapping layers are frequently produced and distributed as are customized hardcopy map products.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) program planning and application development   GIS is a system for management, analysis, and display of geographic knowledge that is represented using a series of information sets including mapping, data, and processing and work flow models.  The data and mapping that our staff maintains with GIS software is used at all levels throughout local government (including the school division) for making educated decisions on a variety of issues.

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