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EMS Training Powerpoints

Autovent 3000 Continuing education for the proper use of the Autovent 3000
CPAP Continuing education for the proper use of CPAP
 EMT-B: Chapter 01  Introduction to Emergency Care
 EMT-B: Chapter 02  Well Being of the EMT
 EMT-B: Chapter 03  Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
 EMT-B: Chapter 04  The Human Body
 EMT-B: Chapter 05  Lifting and Moving Patients
 EMT-B: Chapter 06  Airway Management
 EMT-B: Chapter 07  Scene Size Up
 EMT-B: Chapter 08  The Initial Assessment
 EMT-B: Chapter 09  Vital Signs and SAMPLE History
 EMT-B: Chapter 10  Assessment of the Trauma Patient
 EMT-B: Chapter 11  Assessment of the Medical Patient
 EMT-B: Chapter 12  Ongoing Assessment
 EMT-B: Chapter 13  Communications
 EMT-B: Chapter 14  Documentation
 EMT-B: Chapter 15  General Pharmacology
 EMT-B: Chapter 16  Respiratory Emergencies
 EMT-B: Chapter 17  Cardiac Emergencies
 EMT-B: Chapter 18  Acute Abdominal Emergencies
 EMT-B: Chapter 19  Diabetics and ALOC
 EMT-B: Chapter 20  Allergic Reactions
 EMT-B: Chapter 21  Poisonings and OD Emergencies
 EMT-B: Chapter 22  Environmental Emergencies
 EMT-B: Chapter 23  Behavioral Emergencies
 EMT-B: Chapter 24  OB & GYN Emergencies
 EMT-B: Chapter 25  Putting it Together for the Medial Patient
 EMT-B: Chapter 26  Bleeding and Shock
 EMT-B: Chapter 27  Soft Tissue Injuries
 EMT-B: Chapter 28  Musculoskeletal Injuries
 EMT-B: Chapter 29  Injuries to the Head and Spine
 EMT-B: Chapter 30  Putting it Together for the Trauma Patient
 EMT-B: Chapter 31  Infants and Children
 EMT-B: Chapter 32  Patients with Special Needs
 EMT-B: Chapter 33  Geriatric Patients
 EMT-B: Chapter 34  Ambulance Operations
 EMT-B: Chapter 35  Gaining Access and Rescue Operations
 EMT-B: Chapter 36  Special Operations
 EMT-B: Chapter 37  EMS Response to Terrorism
 EMT-B: Chapter 38  Advanced Airway Management


Fire Training Powerpoints

Firefighter I - Chapter 01 Orientation and Fire Service History
Firefighter I - Chapter 02 Firefighter Safety and Health
Firefighter I - Chapter 03 Fire Behavior
Firefighter I - Chapter 04 Building Construction
Firefighter I - Chapter 05 Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment
Firefighter I - Chapter 06 Portable Fire Extinguishers
Firefighter I - Chapter 07 Ropes and Knots
Firefighter I - Chapter 08 Rescue and Extrication
Firefighter I - Chapter 09 Forcible Entry
Firefighter I - Chapter 10 Ground Ladders
Firefighter I - Chapter 11 Ventilation
Firefighter I - Chapter 12 Water Supply
Firefighter I - Chapter 13 Fire Hose
Firefighter I - Chapter 14 Fire Streams
Firefighter I - Chapter 17 Loss Control
Firefighter I - Chapter 18 Protecting Fire Scene Evidence


Operator Training Powerpoints



Evolution Training Powerpoints



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