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The Revenue Administration Division  is responsible for carrying out the functions of what would be an elected Commissioner of Revenue and Treasurer’s offices in other localities.

On an annual basis, the Revenue Administration division is responsible for the assessment of 11 different local tax types totaling over $74 million and the collection of over $400 million in revenue from various sources including but not limited to taxes, licenses, fees, permits, and state grants. This revenue provides financial support to a wide range of essential County services that benefit all who live, work and visit here, such as public safety, schools, libraries, and local parks. From tax assessments to collections and tax compliance, the Revenue Administration division secures the inflow of funds to keep the County operating.

The constitution of 1870, also called the Underwood Constitution after the president of the convention, provided for five local elected officials including the Commissioner of Revenue and the Treasurer who provide tax assessment and collections services, respectively. Some localities, such as the County of Albemarle, have adopted alternate forms of government that do not provide for the constitutional officers of Commissioner of Revenue and Treasurer. In these localities the duties of the Commissioner and Treasurer are performed under the Director of Finance’s umbrella. In the County of Albemarle, the Revenue Administration division performs these duties.

The Revenue Administration Division is made of three divisions with very distinct roles and responsibilities. The major functions of each division are outlined below: