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CIP Guiding Principles

  • Maintain public safety as a key component of Albemarle’s livability;
  • Provide and maintain education facilities and technologies that enhance teaching and learning;
  • Support and enhance Albemarle County’s overall quality of life and community desirability and livability, including projects that contribute to the arts, education, community events, outdoor recreation, historic and cultural heritage, and social opportunities;
  • Improve and maintain critical County facilities to a 40-year useful life to improve functionality of buildings and preserve assets;
  • Provide well-located, safe and efficient facilities that offer quality customer service and increase employee productivity;
  • Incorporate environmentally sensitive and energy efficient systems into County facilities;
  • Respond to technological innovations and incorporate technological rather than spatial solutions when appropriate; 
  • Pursue innovative arrangements for financing approaches including, but not limited to, public/private partnerships; ground lease of County properties in high value areas; leaseback and lease-purchase options, and intergovernmental cooperation; 
  • Assist departments in preserving and maintaining the County's investment in buildings, land, infrastructure, and equipment; 
  • Recommend projects based on a prioritized ranking system and the effective utilization of available outside funding sources (Federal, State, other) in addition to appropriate County funding levels;
  • Pursue opportunities for collaboration between general government and schools: working together to advance opportunities for different generations to come together in any publically financed facility; 
  • Support working with our community non-profits (especially those receiving county funds) to seek opportunities to benefit ALL county residents by sharing spaces.  


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