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March 2019: Mar. 5: Governor signed HB 2239. Effective date was July 1, 2019.
February 2019: Feb. 5: Virginia House of Delegates passed HB 2239 as part of a 99-0 bock vote. HB 2239 was the legislation requested by Albemarle County Board of Supervisors that would allow the courthouses to be located on property jointly owned by the County and the City of Charlottesville.
December 2018:

Dec. 3: Special Meeting

December 2017: Dec. 13: Board Work Session: Government Operations/Courts Relocation Opportunities – Stantec and Greystone’s analysis
November 2017: Board Work Sessions:

Nov. 16: National Center for State Courts shares benefits and challenges of separating County and City courts (Adjacency Study)

Nov. 8: Review revised Courts costs and County Office Building costs; Public/private partnership process and timeframe

August 2017: Online Public Survey Launched
June 2017: Development Advisor Update
April/May 2017: Stantec Greystone selected as County's development advisor.
December 2016: Board work session: Exploration of Public/Private Partnership to Relocate Courts/County Admin to County Location
November 2016: Board of Supervisors adopts resolution directing County staff to explore and pursue opportunities related to the relocation of County court facilities or County administration office.
October 2016: Board of Supervisors scheduled a public meeting for October 24, 2016, to discuss all viable development/expansion options for the courts.
May - September 2016: Negotiating Committee continues to meet and develop various alternatives that were considered by the Board and City Council. 
May 2016: Board of Supervisors identifies urban area redevelopment/revitalization and support for economic development as top priorities for the County’s FY 17-FY 19 Strategic Plan.
May 2016: Board of Supervisors directed staff to provide additional information regarding alternatives to the downtown option that would move the County’s General District Court and Clerk’s operations to the County Office Building on McIntire while negotiations continue with the City on parking.  Space Allocation Study completed by Moseley Architects evaluating several options for relocating the Courts to the County Office Building (COB).
April 2016: Board of Supervisors discussion on court options including Downtown/Levy option and greenfield and development/redevelopment concepts in the County.  Two new members of the BOS were brought up to speed on prior studies and activities.

A negotiating committee of County and City elected officials and staff formed to develop and consider alternatives to resolve parking.

August 2015 - April 2016: County and City staff met multiple times to discuss conceptual terms for a future operating agreement, including parking proposal for the co-location of both jurisdictions’ General District Court and Clerks office to the currently co-owned Levy site.  Issues regarding parking remain unresolved.
July 2015: The final Moseley report was completed following a review by the Joint Steering Committee at a meeting held on July 30th. 

The final report includes the feedback and recommendations from the committee which endorsed the Levy Location to co-locate the County and City General District Courts.  The facility would include the County’s General District Courts (2 court sets plus 1 future expansion court set), its Clerk and Commonwealth Attorney and the City would occupy one court set and move its Clerk’s operation if the recommendation is accepted. 

This approach was accepted by the Board and City Council for planning purposes with parking issue yet to be resolved. 

August 2014 - July 2015: Joint Steering Committee met on multiple occasions throughout the fall and spring. Reviewed previous studies and options and directed staff to conduct additional formal study on the Levy Building site.

County and City co-funded Moseley Architects to develop additional concept for use of the jointly-owned Levy property by both the City and the County to house their General District Court needs.

July 2014: Joint meeting with Board of Supervisors and City Council which included a discussion on the pending Courts project.

The outcome of this joint meeting was the formation of a Joint Steering Committee of the Board of Supervisors and City Council to focus on the challenges and opportunities of the downtown development option, to include the possibility of co-locating the City and County’s General District Court operations and finding solutions to parking.  While both options remained under consideration, staff focused on the downtown option based on BOS direction.

June 2014: Board of Supervisors Work Session for Board to discuss Courts Stakeholder feedback and to direct staff on preferred option(s). The Board directed staff to pursue both the downtown expansion option and relocation option in parallel.
April 2014: Board of Supervisor holds a Work Session to hear from the Courts Stakeholders including three Judges, the County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney, the County Sheriff, the County’s Circuit Court Clerk, the City of Charlottesville’s Mayor, representatives of the County/City Public Defender’s office and the Charlottesville Albemarle Bar Association.

The purpose of this Work Session was to discuss the two basic Courts Project options under consideration by the Board – downtown/Levy expansion/renovation and potential relocation of the Courts complex to the County.

March 2014: Work Session with newly constituted Board of Supervisors to discuss the Court Complex options.

Staff provided high-level overviews of all options from the Court study and detailed the direction the previous Board had given for staff to focus the option to remain downtown.

The Board directed staff to schedule a separate meeting with the Court Stakeholders, including representatives from the City.

September 2013: The Board was provided an update on the negotiations with the City, including information related to the appraisals of four jointly-owned properties and discussions to date with the City on property settlement and parking accommodations.
August 2013: Appraisals completed on four properties (Levy Building, Levy Parking, Jessup Building, East Market Street parking lot). Negotiation meetings continued with the City to review the results and further negotiate the acquisition of the Levy Building and parking solutions.
Summer 2013:

The County and City began discussions/negotiations regarding the County’s acquisition of the City's share of Levy Building.

Discussions included options for the City providing parking to the County for expanded Court needs.

May 2013: Following an update to the Board of Supervisors, the Board directed staff to:
  • Focus on the Downtown option.
  • Commence discussions with the City on parking options to meet County Court user needs.
  • Conduct an appraisal of jointly-owned properties in preparation for potential purchase by the County of the City's share of properties for expansion of County Courts.

Listen: May 1, 2013 Courts Study Update

March 2013: Stakeholder meetings (Judges, Commonwealth Attorney, Sheriff, Public Defender, Clerks, etc.) to review findings and analysis.
February 2013: Presentation of study findings presented to Board of Supervisors.
Fall 2011 - 2012: Study conducted involving research, data collection, modeling, interviews of key Courts stakeholders, staff, etc.
January 2011: Board of Supervisors authorized issuance of Request for Proposal to conduct a needs assessment and develop renovation and/or new building options for the provision of court facilities, to include the Circuit, General District and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts. The following scope and effort was part of the study:
  • Review previous studies, facilities condition reports, existing conditions to develop:
    • Forecast of Caseload
    • Forecast of Staff
    • Forecast of Space / Architectural Space Program Requirements
    • Test Fit of long term space needs on 3 sites
      • Remaining Downtown option
      • Split option (using McIntire Site)
      • Greenfield site in the County
    • “Order of magnitude” cost estimates for each of the options 

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