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December 22, 2015

The Regional Firearms Training Center project is on time and on budge with no significant delays expected. Major mechanical systems are nearing completion as is the exterior of the building. Next month the contractor will start preparing the site for final grading, start pouring exterior concrete, begin interior finishes, and begin painting the interior.

November 23, 2015

The Regional Firearms Training Center Project is on schedule and on budget. In the coming weeks, work on the exterior facade will continue but the bulk of the work will occur within the building interior. Construction noise and traffic will be at a minimum.

October 27, 2015

Project Status:
The Regional Firearms Training Center Project continues to proceed on-schedule. Over the past two weeks the rubber roof on the range has been installed. Steel framing and plumbing rough-in for the administration area are estimated to be 80% complete; piping (30% complete) and ductwork (80% complete) for the air handling system.

Weeks Ahead:
In the coming weeks the contractor will install the roof and begin to rough-in the electrical system in the administration area, as well as continue to install the building's framing and plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems.

September 29, 2015

Project Status:
Over the past two weeks the contractor completed roughing-in the duct work and mechanical piping, and began preparation for the chiller pad. Additionally, the drain field for the septic system has been completed and inspected and is ready for the mechanical pad to be poured. Finally, the building support structure has been completed and inspected and metal wall studs have been set in the administration area. 
Weeks Ahead:
In the coming weeks the contractor will start installing the roofing and the metal studs of the range ceiling. They also anticipate completion of the joist and deck and pipe grid system and expect to begin installation of roofing and metal studs in the administrative area.

September 1, 2015

Project Status:
Over the past two weeks the contractor has completed the clearing of the site, installed 90% of the underground plumbing in the building, installed the main water line from the well to the building, set the pre-cast wall and roof system, roughed-in the underground electrical, and poured the slab for the administrative portion of the building.
Weeks Ahead:
In the coming weeks the contractor anticipates completion of various items on the roof and wall precast panels. They will also pour the concrete topping on the roof, prep the floor area and pour the concrete floor slab in the range area, start the structural stud installation for the administration area, layout and pour the slab for the air handling unit, and start the pipe grid system. 

July 13, 2015

To date, erosion control measures have been installed, site clearing has been completed, and the building pad has also been completed. Dominion Virginia Power (DVP) has removed the overhead power line in footprint of building and completed the new single phase line installation. Footings are to be started this week. In the month ahead, the most significant work will be constructing the slab on grade and commencing structural precast installation.

June 22, 2015

The construction phase of this project began on June 8th. Erosion control measures have been installed and have been inspected by UVA Erosion Control Inspector. Initial site work has been focused on site clearing, which will continue over the next two weeks and include starting construction of the new site pad.  As always, we will be monitoring all of the activities on-site and addressing the community's concerns as they arise.

June 2, 2015

The project has recently received final approvals from the various governmental agencies and is ready to move into the construction phase. A Notice to Proceed has been issued to the General Contractor, Jamerson-Lewis Construction Company out of Lynchburg, VA, dated June 8th. Jamerson-Lewis is a well-recognized and respected contractor in VA, this notice will allow the contractor to officially mobilize on the site and start work.

In the first few weeks of construction you can expect delivery of earth moving equipment to the site and clearing to begin. Once clearing begins, you can expect the typical construction sounds - vehicle backup alerts, some diesel engine noise - and, possibly, a little dust from earth-moving. We don't anticipate any of the activity on site to have much, if any, impact on the surrounding neighbors. As usual, we will be monitoring all of the activities on-site and addressing the community's concerns as they arise.

This is a very exciting project for everyone and has required cooperation, dedication, hard work and persistence from the regional partners, the community and the design team to get to this point. The construction contract calls for the project being completed in 300 calendar days and as part of the construction management process, the County will be providing updates on anticipated work every two weeks on this webpage.

March 30, 2015

Albemarle County has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) evaluating the environmental impacts associated with the construction of a new indoor firing range at the Milton Airfield property along Milton Road in the County. The EA examines existing conditions at the proposed site and what the potential impacts may be on those existing resources.

The County has made the EA available here. A hard copy is also available for review at the County’s office at 401 McIntire Road, Room 228, Charlottesville, VA 22902. A 30-day public comment period is open and ends April 28th, 2015 wherein the public is invited to submit comments on the proposed project and EA document. Comments should be submitted to the following either in writing or via email:

Trevor Henry
Director, Office of Facilities Development
County of Albemarle
401 McIntire Road, Room 228
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902-4596

August 29, 2014

The results of an Acoustical Analysis of the Exterior of the Regional Firearms Training Center are now available.

The results of the analysis indicate that the construction methods of the proposed firing range will reduce gunfire sounds to levels that meet the night time noise ordinance sound level limit of 55 dBA. A sound level of 40 dBA or less from gunfire noise is estimated at the nearest residences to the north, east, west and south with existing foliage. A sound level of 40 dBA is roughly equivalent to the ambient sound level in a residential neighborhood with some moderate, distant automotive traffic taking place or wind rustling leaves in nearby trees. Click here to download a PDF of the full report .

The next step of analysis will be an evaluation of ambient noise.

July 16, 2014

Schematic designs for the facility are complete and in review by the Board of Supervisors. There is a community meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 17 from 6 – 7:30pm at the East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Company during which the public will have the opportunity to review and give feedback on the schematic designs. A sound study is currently underway and the results are anticipated to be shared in August. The project will move to Detailed Design as its next phase and will include submission of an Initial Site plan over the next month.  Click here to review a PDF of the schematic designs.

August 5, 2015

All footings have been completed and storm water structures have been installed. The area for septic field has been cleared and site grading continues.  Erosion control measures are monitored daily. Underground plumbing and electrical in progress to allow for precast wall installation. Precast walls are scheduled for delivery to the site on August 10th - motorists should be aware of tractor trailers making wide turns when driving in the area. Over the next several weeks, the most significant work will be constructing the slab on grade and begin the structural precast installation.

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