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Solid Waste Convenience Centers

Representative Examples of Convenience Centers:

Representative Example of Convenience Centers Representative Example of Convenience Centers
Representative Example of Convenience Centers

Project Background:

The Board of Supervisors has decided to construct three convenience centers around the County that will provide clean, safe, well managed and convenient locations for county residents to dispose of solid waste and trash in a way that is more accessible and cost effective than current services.

The Board came to this decision following a very comprehensive analysis of operations and associated costs at Ivy, including the following major factors:

  • Current services at the Ivy Materials Utilization Center (MUC) operated by the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority are requiring more County tax support each year while quantities of materials are dropping. The City of Charlottesville has chosen not to continue participating in the Ivy MUC which impacts the cost effectiveness of the arrangements and eliminates the regional nature of the operation.
  • The Ivy MUC will require a significant capital investment to continue operating and revenues will not justify this cost
  • The three convenience centers spread geographically around the County will be much closer to a significant majority of residents than the single Ivy facility.
  • Van der Linde Recycling was selected following a competitive bid process, and while we have not completely finalized the negotiation process we have every reason to believe that this approach will be significantly more cost effective for county taxpayers.

Project Overview:

It is important to clarify that convenience centers are not transfer stations (which accept commercial waste) or landfills. These will be relatively small facilities which only provide services for residential waste. The County is working hard to limit impacts on residents, and we appreciate your input and feedback throughout the planning and construction process. There will be three convenience centers located throughout Albemarle County. Though the specific locations have not been determined, one center will be located in the south, one in the west, and one in the northeast part of the County. The County will continue to fund the operations at the McIntire Recycling Facility, but will no longer fund RSWA's Ivy Materials Utilization Center (MUC) on Dick Woods Road, which will likely close July 2014.

The convenience centers will be open during daylight hours, and closed overnight and on weekends. The County is committed to keeping the convenience centers clean and safe. Our contract with Van der Linde Recycling includes a set of housekeeping standards that will be maintained at the center.  In terms of security, the Center will be physically fenced outfitted with security cameras. Furthermore, the center will be staffed during operating hours. We have an environmental compliance plan for the convenience centers, which will be monitored by the County's Environmental Compliance Manager. The convenience centers will have minimal noise impacts. Only residential vehicles will be permitted to enter the facility, and the trash compacter itself makes very little noise. Furthermore, the center will be open during daylight hours only and will be closed overnight.

The County is very focused on ensuring that the convenience centers are unobtrusive and not visually impactful on the surrounding environment. We will have ample vegetative buffers and landscaping to shield the operations as part of the plan. The landscape plans will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Supervisors prior to implementation.

General Information on Convenience Centers and Recycling from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Project Updates:

  1. Convenience Center Project Fact Sheet Adobe Acrobat PDF File
  2. Convenience Center Frequently Asked Questions Adobe Acrobat PDF File
  3. County Staff presentation from December 19 public meeting with Board of Supervisor Representative Jane Dittmar Adobe Acrobat PDF File
  4. Summary of issues and concerns from December 19 public meeting with Board of Supervisor Representative Jane Dittmar Adobe Acrobat PDF File

Public Meeting with Board of Supervisor Representative Jane Dittmar for Mill Creek Residents  - Thursday, December 19, 2013, beginning at 7:30 pm in the Forum Room at Monticello High School.

The Board of Supervisors is holding a public hearing on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 6:00 pm at the County Office Building on McIntire Road to allow citizens to share comments regarding the site selection for a convenience center to serve southern Albemarle County. The Board will be choosing between a site in the Mill Creek area near the Monticello Fire Rescue Station and a site in Keene and welcomes public input regarding their final site decision.

  1. Keene Site: County-owned property located off of Scottsville Rd. and Esmont Rd., just down the road from the US Post Office.
  2. Mill Creek Site:  County-owned property located off of Mill Creek Dr. and Avon St. Extended, next to the Monticello Fire Station.

Comments & Questions:

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