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McIntire County Office Building Biofilter Project

Project Scope

Provide stormwater management for two aisles of the McIntire County Office Building parking lot.  Plans include landscaping improvements and pedestrian walking trail. 

Project Manager:  G. Patsch Construction Start Date:  April 2011
Design Firm:  Anhold Associates Substantial Completion Date:  December 2011 
Contractor:  Digs, Inc. Project Budget:  $206,000




Status as of October 2011:

  • The project was substantially complete in September 2011.
  • The contractor is responsible for watering the newly planted vegetation in the biolfilter until December 1, 2011, to ensure plant survival. 
McIntire County Office Building - biolfilter project site before construction McIntire County Office Building - biofilter project site after construction
Before Construction After Construction


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