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  • Platinum Level Certification in Go Green Government Challenge. This is Albemarle County's 11th year as a certified "Green Government". The Green Government Challenge is a friendly competition among local governments to encourage the implementation of specific environmental policies and practical actions that reduce carbon emissions generated by both the local government and broader community. 
  • Albemarle County Board of Supervisors and Charlottesville City Council approve 2 new regional partnerships, regarding economic development and regional transit.
  • Turnout gear repair program received an award from National Association of Counties. Funded by Albemarle County's Innovation Fund, this program saves money by working with volunteer community sewers to repair fire turnout gear.
  • Albemarle Schools installed LED lights in all school buildings. The costs to install will be paid for entirely by recurring annual energy savings, avoiding the need to use bond funding to finance the project.
  • Albemarle Police has 2 of the 6 certified Crime Analysts in Virginia. There are only 66 in the nation. 
  • Albemarle Schools install solar panels on 6 of our schools, providing an estimated 6% of the energy needs of the school system.
  • Payment kiosks installed. Finance department introduced a new way for residents to make payments and received a Virginia Government Finance Officers Association Innovation Award.
  • Schools Department of Transportation generated income by establishing contracts with local non-profits and student-centered organizations, by performing field trips and maintaining vehicles. There contracts generated a total of $185,000 last school year.
  • Acquisition for Conservation Easements (ACE) acquires 2 new properties. This protects an additional 292 acres from development.
  • County Bikeshare program encourages employees to check-out a bike, rather than a car, for work needs.  
  • Innovation Fund. Since 2014, Albemarle County successfully launched the Innovation Fund dedicated to support the start-up of organizational initiatives that reduce costs and improve customer service and productivity. The first round promoted projects including, accessible technology training, a police mentorship program, fire rescue fueling stations, and wellness programs for county employees.
  • Composting and Recycling. The school division recycled 525 tons of materials in calendar year 2014. Recycled materials include mixed waste recyclables, cardboard, composted food waste, bulbs, ballasts, batteries, construction & demolition debris, electronic waste, scrap metal, and used oil. Commercial composting operations are established at Monticello High School, Jack Jouett Middle School, Meriwether Lewis Elementary School, Crozet Elementary School, Yancey Elementary School and Building Services. Additionally, the school division recently received a grant to expand the commercial composting operation to the western feeder pattern schools and develop related curriculum.
  • Solar Panel Installation. The school division has completed a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) with Secure Futures to install 1 megawatt of power from solar photovoltaic panels. The division will purchase the electricity generated from the panels. Benefits of the solar PPA include predictable electricity prices, promoting renewable energy sources, and educational benefits of real-time generation data and solar workshops. The general government has installed hot water solar panels for hot water at its County Office Building located on Fifth Street as well as Fire Rescue Stations 11 and 12.
  • LED lighting installation. The County has installed LED lighting in its parking lots and interior LED lighting at the Scottsville Library to reduce electricity costs.
  • Use of Technology to Drive Innovation. Albemarle County won 1st place in the 2014 Information Technology as Efficiency Driver – Government to Government division at the 17th annual Commonwealth of Virginia Innovation Technology Symposium (COVITS). Albemarle County has been named among the top ten most technologically advanced county governments of it's size by the Center for Digital Government and National Association of Counties Digital Counties Survey for 13 years in a row.
  • DART Internship Program.  The school division's Department of Accountability, Research, and Technology (DART) is providing hands-on learning experiences for students through its summer intern program each year. Interns in the program image and asset tag new electronic devices at a cost to the division far less than using an outside provider, allowing the department to realize significant cost savings each year.
  • Electronic Conversion of Student Records. The school division began digitizing student records through the use of a document management system (DMS) in 2015. The DMS electronically archives legacy and paper-based student records for secure, searchable, scalable and Library of Virginia GS-21 compliant student records archiving. The DMS will also be scalable for future School Division records archiving needs.
  • GPS Tracking. The use of GPS-tracking for all school buses has allowed the school department to reach an average on-time arrival for all school buses of 99.4%.
  • Albemarle App. The school division now has a free mobile app for use on both the Apple and Android platforms, recognizing the increasingly prominent role that mobile devices occupy in communications. The content available through the app includes all social media and news feeds; up-to-date information on upcoming school events and activities; resources for students, parents and staff; and access to the parent and student portals. Users also can choose to follow individual schools or academies and receive instant notifications of news and developments that are specific to those sites.
  • Microsoft Office. In an agreement reached with Microsoft, students enrolled in the school division can download, at no cost, Microsoft Office 365 on up to five computer devices in their home, making it easier and more convenient for students to access software tools frequently used inside and outside of the classroom.


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