Social Services
Picture of an elderly woman with a doctor.   Picture of elderly lady in a wheelchair. ACDSS Logo  Picture of an elderly man in a wheelchair. Picture of a person in a hospital bed. 

Long Term Care support in the form of Medicaid for nursing care or community based care and Auxiliary Grants for adult living facility care is provided through a specialized team of staff at ACDSS who understand the complexities of these services.

Social workers at ACDSS complete assessments to decide the level of care needed. When a person is assessed as needing an assisted living level of care and meets financial criteria, an Auxiliary Grant supplements other income in an effort to meet the cost of care in an Assisted Living Facility. After evaluation, financially eligible individuals approved for nursing home level of care can receive that care either in the community or in the nursing home.

For more information regarding Long Term Care, please visit Virginia Department of Social Services.