Social Services

There are many faces and stories behind the services delivered by this Department.  Whether it is an adult who receives home care services that keeps her out of a nursing home, the child who is now attending school successfully and no longer at risk of dropping out of school, the family who has food on the table as a result of obtaining their electronic debit card for food, or the child who now has health insurance, all have names, faces, and real life problems that confront them everyday.   In this day of "reality based" media, the talented staff of the Department of Social Services faces the daily realities that our customers present.  At times, the tasks are daunting and the barriers seem insurmountable.  But the Department prevails in offering quality customer services to the citizens of the County of Albemarle through perseverance, dedication, and commitment to service.  These successes would not happen without the unwavering support of the Board of Supervisors and the citizens of the County.

Our VISION is Individuals and families in Albemarle County are able to meet their full potential and plan for their future.  Our MISSION is We provide services that promote self-sufficiency and support individual and family well-being.  Our primary external customers are individuals and organizations who use our services and those who are in need of services.  These services are provided through six broad program areas.  The Department's Vision and Mission is further captured in our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.

To see an overview of the Department's programs and services, areas of successful collaboration in our community and stories of how we serve the residents of Albemarle County, please view our FY 2018 Annual Report.

All questions and comments regarding the department or any of its programs are welcome.  Please see the contact information to the right for ways to communicate with us.


U.S. Senate Productivity & Quality Award (SPQA) Recipient
2007 & 2011

Family Support Program Alliance for Innovation Havlick and Muehlenbeck Award 2009


Family Support Program
Virginia Association of Counties (VACO) Award 2005


Virginia Department of Social Services