Circuit Court Clerk's Office  |  Probate Division

Left to right: Donna Marshall, Lynn Hughes

Probate is the legal process to handle the affairs of a deceased person’s (decedent) estate. It often includes, but is not limited to, the probating of a will, and the appointment of a person to handle the estate, also known as an executor or an administrator. Additionally the probate department handles conservatorships and guardianships for people who are still alive but may need someone to handle their affairs or act in a fiduciary capacity for an incapacitated person.

Probate must occur in the jurisdiction where the decedent last resided. Probate only covers assets that were held solely in the decedent’s name.

Probating a will or becoming a guardian or conservator are done solely by appointment as it is an involved process and may take an hour or more to accomplish. Please contact Donna Marshall or Lynn Hughes to schedule an appointment and receive information about what will be needed in order to probate a will and appoint an executor or administrator. Please call 434-972-4083, ext. 2141.

Click here to view a PDF guide to the administration of decedents' estates in Virginia.