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Proffers are a voluntary offer by a landowner to perform an act, contribute money or donate land in order to mitigate the impacts of new development that result from a rezoning.  In the County, a rezoning is referred to as a Zoning Map Amendment ("ZMA").

To learn more about Albemarle County proffers please view the Land Use Law Handbook 


Albemarle County is now offering the public the ability to view proffers online.

Proffers that have received final approval from the Board of Supervisors are available from 1979-2013 through the County's LaserFiche Weblink, a document imaging system.

The proffers can be viewed by clicking HERE. Once you are in LaserFiche Weblink, type in "public" for both the username and password choose Browse Folders and choose the Community Development Department folder, then the Public Access folder, then the Planning folder, then the ZMA - Zoning Map Amendment folder, which will allow you to access ZMA's by year.

Proffers are searchable by the following properties: 

  • Number [ZMA number]
  • Applicant Name
  • Project Name
  • Board of Supervisors Approval Date

In LaserFiche Weblink you will also find a help folder within the Community Development folder on how to search for specific proffers.

If you have any questions please email
Rebecca Ragsdale

Additional Proffer info

Cash Proffer Policy for Public Facilities (Appendix B of the Land Use Plan)

Current Year Maximum Per Unit Cash Proffer Amount