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In April 2001 the Board of Supervisors adopted "Priority Recommendations for Historic Preservation in Albemarle County" as the action agenda for the implementation of the Historic Preservation Plan. The priority recommendations are taken directly from the adopted Historic Preservation Plan.

  1. Create a permanent Historic Preservation Committee to provide assistance and advice concerning the County's historic preservation program.
  2. Compile and maintain a current and comprehensive information base for Albemarle County's historic resources. This database should include, but is not limited to, the following: Identification of all historic sites by tax map and parcel number; maintenance of a map of potential prehistoric archaeological sites, and ready accessibility to all Virginia Department of Historic Resources historic survey inventory data on Albemarle County resources. This information base should be consulted so that historic resources may be fully considered in the County's development review process, and should be made easily available to interested citizens for educational and informational purposes. This information base should also be coordinated with the County's GIS system.
  3. Institute a program whereby new owners of historic properties are notified of the significance of their property and are given instructions for obtaining additional preservation-related information concerning their historic resource.
  4. Establish a formal definition of the term "significant historic resource" to be used in the implementation of the County's Historic Preservation Plan.
  5. In the event that demolition of a significant historic resource must occur, thoroughly document the resource prior to demolition. Also encourage documentation prior to major adaptive reuse or renovation whenever possible.
  6. Promote and encourage preservation by making available information regarding state and national register designation procedures, tax incentives, historic and conservation easements, and other voluntary preservation measures.
  7. Foster community pride, good citizenship, and stewardship of the County's historic resources through heritage education programs, beginning with the creation of educational/informational brochures on various County historic preservation issues, including state and national register listing, tax incentives, County policy, etc.
  8. The Historic Preservation Committee should work with other organizations to initiate and implement community events for Albemarle County that recognize our historic resources. These events should be coordinated with other statewide heritage tourism activities and National Preservation Week.
  9. To help protect the Monticello viewshed, adopt a more formalized procedure that begins early in the planning process to encourage cooperation between the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation and developers of property within the viewshed.
  10. Be prepared to take advantage of resources, as they become available, to assist in implementation of the County's historic preservation plan.
  11. Continue to pursue the implementation of financial incentives for historic preservation, including the establishment of a revolving loan fund and the requisite enabling legislation.
  12. Two years after the adoption of these recommendations, evaluate the County's progress on these preservation priorities, and evaluate the need for a historic overlay district ordinance.