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County sealThe Crozet Community Advisory Committee (CCAC) is an advisory committee that provides assistance to County staff and the Board of Supervisors on civic/community issues related to implementation of the Crozet Master Plan in accordance with established county procedures.  Members will communicate with their constituencies to increase understanding of and support for successful implementation of the Master Plan.  The membership is broad-based to incorporate a variety of perspectives and ideas and to provide citizens, businesspersons and representatives of active community groups a chance to be engaged and be heard in a constructive and meaningful way. The Crozet Community Advisory Committee is guided by two key documents, the Fact Sheet and the Rules of Procedure. 

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George Barlow Alice Marshall
Beth Bassett John McKeon
Philip Best Jennifer More
Leslie Burns Susan Munson
Kim Connolly Brenda Plantz
Mary Gallo John Savage
Kim Guenther David Stoner
Meg Holden  

Board of Supervisors Liaison: Ann Mallek   
Planning Commission Liaison:
Tom Loach


The Crozet Community Advisory Committee generally meets at 7pm on the third Wednesday of each month at the Crozet Library. Citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please check the county's
main calendar for schedule changes.

2015 Meetings 

 January 21  Agenda  Minutes
 February 18  Agenda  Minutes
 March 18
Special location:
The Meadows
 Agenda  Minutes
 April 15  Agenda  Minutes
 May 20  Agenda  Minutes
 June 17  Agenda  Minutes
 July 15  Agenda  Minutes
 August 19  Agenda  Minutes
 September 16  Agenda  Minutes
 October 21  Agenda  Minutes
 November 18  Agenda  Minutes
 December 16  Agenda  Minutes

2014 Meetings

January 16 Agenda Minutes
February 20 Agenda Minutes
March 20 Agenda Minutes

March 24
Joint Advisory Councils Meeting

Agenda Minutes
April 17 Agenda Minutes
May 15 Agenda Minutes
June 9 Agenda Minutes
June 26 Agenda Minutes
July 2 Agenda Minutes
July 17 Agenda Minutes
August 21 Agenda Minutes
September 17 Agenda Minutes

October 2
Special Information Session

November 19 Agenda Minutes

December 10
Discussion: Economic Development

December 17 Agenda Minutes


2013 Meetings

 January 14 Agenda Minutes
 February 21 Agenda Minutes
 March 21 Agenda Minutes
 April 18 Agenda Minutes
 May 16 Agenda Minutes
 June 19 Agenda Minutes
 August 15 Agenda Minutes
 September 26 Agenda Minutes
 October 17 Agenda Minutes
 November 21 Agenda Minutes
 December 19 Agenda Minutes

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