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Welcome to our website for Albemarle County's Biodiversity Work Group. Here you can find the Group's reports on the history and current state of biodiversity in Albemarle , and their recommendations for future protection efforts. The Group's work is the first step toward the Biodiversity Assessment and Action Plan called for in the Comprehensive Plan. If you have questions or comments, please contact us here .


The Board of Supervisors accepted this report at its meeting on December 1, 2004. You can download the Staff Report Adobe Acrobat Document for that meeting.


BWG Reports (PDF Format)         BWG Report Covers (JPG format) 

Main Report   Adobe Acrobat Document (1080 KB)             Main Report Cover   Adobe Acrobat Document (159 KB)

Summary Report   Adobe Acrobat Document (197 KB)        Summary Report Cover   Adobe Acrobat Document (166 KB)

Appendices   Adobe Acrobat Document (1039 KB)              Appendices Cover   Adobe Acrobat Document (162 KB)



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