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The Comprehensive Plan is Albemarle County's most important document regarding growth, development and change. It establishes government policy to help guide public and private activities as they relate to land use and resource utilization. It is the basis for land development regulations and decisions (rezonings, special use permits), capital improvements (public projects such as schools, parks, libraries), transportation, environmental and historic resource protection initiatives, new county programs and decisions on the distribution of county budget dollars to a multitude of programs and agencies.

An update of the Comprehensive Plan is currently underway.  Click here for more information regarding the update.

Here is a link to an informational video regarding the Comprehensive Plan 
Click here for the History of the Comprehensive Plan Presentation that was given at the Planning Commission retreat

State law governing the development of a Comprehensive Plan (
Virginia Code Section 15.2-2223) requires every county, city and town to adopt a comprehensive plan for the physical development of its territory. It also requires that the Comprehensive Plan be reviewed every five years. Regardless of State Code requirements it is important to periodically revisit and update the Plan to ensure that it is consistent with community views and is addressing current issues within the community.

The Comprehensive Plan is made up of five sections:

Open Space, Water, Biodiversity, Ag/Forest Resources, Critical Slopes, Mountains, Dark Sky, Wooded Areas, Soils, Air, Minerals, Scenic Resources, Historic Resources, & Greenways

The Land Use Plan section includes Growth Management, Development Area Profiles, Neighborhoods 1-7, Communities of Hollymead, Piney Mountain, and Crozet, Village of Rivanna, Interstate Interchange Development, Public Water and Sewer Utilities, Other Utilities, Community Facilities, Transportation, Neighborhood Model, and Cash Proffer Policy.  Each section contains its own table of contents, background data, action agenda and appendices.

*There are some maps within the plan that are not available online at this time.  Please contact the department directly to obtain those maps.