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Zoning is comprised of staff that work to ensure that activities relating to land use comply with the County's Zoning Ordinance and County Code.  To do so, the Zoning staff review current developments, special permit requests for specific physical development, and also partner with other teams within Community Development for review, consideration, and inspection of construction of broader policy-related issues and plans.


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Variance Application
ZMA Application
Home Occupation Class A Application
Zoning Clearance Application



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Land Use Chart (PDF)

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Albemarle County is now offering the public the ability to view proffers online.  Proffers  are a voluntary offer by a landowner to perform an act, contribute money or donate land in order to mitigate the impacts of new development that result from a rezoning.  In the County, a rezoning is referred to as a Zoning Map Amendment ("ZMA").

Zoning Inspections Packet (PDF)
An information packet and checklist to set clear expectations about the requirements to approve preliminary and final zoning inspections.


Special Use Permits & Rezonings