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The Office of Management and Budget provides fiscal planning, analysis, and management services to enable the County to provide services in accordance with the policies, goals and objectives established by the County Executive and Board of Supervisors. We also coordinate the preparation of the County’s Five Year Financial Plan, Operating Budget, Capital Improvement Program and Grants program.

Our office provides oversight and management of the County’s budget with a focus on communication, accuracy and transparency. We also provide research and policy analysis and develop and compile performance measurement information. This information is incorporated into the annual budget process and is used by departmental staff throughout the year to measure progress in meeting performance goals for programs and activities that operate to serve the public interest.

The primary purpose of the budget process is to transform Albemarle County’s long-range plans and policies into real services and programs for the year.

The budget provides detailed financial information on the costs of services and the expected revenues for the

upcoming fiscal year. According to the Code of Virginia, all localities must adopt a balanced budget for a fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30.

Albemarle County’s Operating and Capital Budget covers three major funds, as well as special revenue funds and the debt service fund:

  1. The General Fund includes programs and services in public safety, health and welfare, water resources, parks and recreation, community development and other local government operations as well as community agencies.
  2. The School Division Fund includes staff, materials, and programs in public education.
  3. The Capital Fund covers infrastructure maintenance and new projects for both local government and public schools.

For more information on the current budget, click on the FY17 Budget Link, above.


To develop and maintain sustainable, structurally-balanced annual operating and capital budgets so the County can meet its long-range priorities and achieve its mission within available resources


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