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Information on WiFi access during the COVID-19 Crisis:

JMRL and ACPS WiFi Access  to view locations with our interactive map, click here.

JMRL added WiFi access points at Northside to provide better coverage in the back parking lot. The other branches include WiFi access as well.  JMRL has a temporary elibrary card people can get to access resources while the libraries are closed
ACPS Parking Areas also have expanded WiFi.  Chris Diggs (ACPS CTO) provides the following for reference:
All school division Internet Wi-Fi access has been extended to school parking lots. The areas closest to a school’s main entrance or classroom windows should have the strongest signal strength. Personal devices can connect to the “ACPS-Public” network and school-issued laptops will be able to connect to the “ACPS” network.
Comcast is offering free wifi access at their xfinitywifi hotspots. People can find their nearest hotspot by visiting  and entering their zip code. When connecting, make sure to select the “xfinitywifi” network name from the list of available hotspots to get the free access.
Some private companies also are offering internet access for various locations with reduced pricing options:
Commonwealth of Virginia COVID-19 Broadband Resource page
Report an area where Broadband speeds are frequently less than 10 mbps down and 3mbps up or are not optimal for your needs.


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To report an actual broadband outage please contact your service provider.  If you are not receiving the repair service you expect, contact us and we’ll assist.

Reporting Broadband Outage Service Issue 

If you are experiencing issues with cell coverage at your home; did you know you may be able to activate Wi-Fi Calling? Depending on availability, please check with your cell phone manufacturer (e.g. Apple, Samsung, …)  service provider (e.g. Verizon, AT&T, …), or search on the web to learn more about using your home internet service for Wi-Fi calling.


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