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 Report an area where Broadband Speeds are less than 10 mbps down / 3mbps up

ABBA is again seeking Citizen Input and Internet Service Provider interest in applying for Virginia Telecommunication Initiative Grant Funds.  If you live or work in an area of the County where internet speeds are below 10 mbps down/3 mbps up; we need your internet speed tests.  To assist in collecting the internet speed tests, please use This Instruction Guide.
Access the State Broadband Map to see what broadband providers are available in your area

State Broadband Map

Contact the Broadband Authority for assistance using the State Broadband Map

Request Help Finding Broadband Options

Find out more about the Albemarle Broadband Authority, its mission, meeting dates, etc. →

To report an actual broadband outage please contact your service provider.  If you are not receiving the repair service you expect, contact us and we’ll assist.

Reporting Broadband Outage Service Issue

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