Broadband Initiative  |  Team A: Survey/Demand Identification

The Survey/Demand Identification Team has been tasked with the following:

          1.  Review Demand Identification Survey Instrument
          2.  Decide on Public Education and Interest Survey (Google Speadsheet, Gig.U, WordPress website, and/or others?)
                       *Decided to use the Broadband Survey provided by Virginia's Office of Telework Promotion and Broadband
                        Assistance as well as the the Speed Test provided by Accelerate Virginia.
          3.  Determine "marketing" and release plan: Distribute Paper through as many channels as possible, advertise the
          4.  Test, then release the survey instrument(s)/websites - and analyze results.
          5.  Develop Section for April 2014 BOS Broadband Report

 Notes from Team A meetings:

          January 30, 2014  Link to Team A January 30, 2014 Meeting Notes

February 20, 2014  Link to Team A February 20, 2014 Meeting Notes

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