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There are nearly 800 known privately-owned stormwater management facilities - commonly termed BMPs, for Best Management Practice - located within Albemarle County.  These facilities were a required element of some type of past land development.  Examples of stormwater management facilities include:

  • bio-filters and rain gardens County rep performing inspection
  • grassed swales or bio-swales
  • wet ponds and wetlands
  • detention basins
  • sand filters
  • manufactured BMP systems

Without proper maintenance, embankments may breach, storage volumes would likely fill with sediment, trash, and debris, outfall structures could become clogged, desirable vegetation might be lost, and unwanted vegetation might become out of control.  The County requires all facilities to be maintained by the owner of the property on which the facility lies - this is enforced through periodic inspections and letters indicating non-compliance.

Information regarding BMP maintenance is summarized in this brochure:

Stormwater Matters   (3,135 KB)  - helps owners of stormwater management facilities (such as detention ponds) understand their responsibility in properly maintaining these facilities

For more information, please visit the website of the Rivanna Regional Stormwater Education Partnership and click on Stormwater Facility Maintenance in the left navigation bar.

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