Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) provides planning, organizational, and management responsibilities for the County’s project portfolio, including organizational projects, strategic plan objectives, and technology solutions. Our office reports to the Assistant County Executive Trevor Henry, and will also coordinate with the Office of Management and Budget and Executive Office.

Our office ensures project success by providing formal and repeatable project management processes for the planning, execution, and control of project work across the organization. We provide support in the facilitation of projects through their full lifecycle from initiation, planning, implementation, to delivery.




Our driving force is to create and an organizational culture in which project management is a valued and embedded competency.


Guiding project success from start to finish.

PMO Goals:

1) Portfolio Management, our office provides oversight and management of the County's project portfolio with a focus on communication, collaboration, and resource management.

2) Cross Departmental Collaboration, such that leaders and their teams identify connections in projects and optimally deliver change management.

3) Business process optimization to transform internal and external experiences.

4) Mentoring and training to develop and support project management best practices.


The Project Management Office will plan, organize, and manage the following:








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