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Recycling helps preserve raw materials such as wood and metal and helps to reduce pollution.  Recycling preserves our present resources for the sake of future generations.

There are three main points you should consider when it comes to recycling and personal responsibility.  These three rules are often referred to as the three R's.

  • REDUCE your waste - buy things that can be reused or refilled.  Do not
    accept unnecessary bags and wrapping when you are shopping.
  • RETURN...TAKE BACK returnables - bottles, car batteries, etc.
  • RE-USE AND REPAIR rather than buy new.

Please click here for a complete list of Albemarle County Recycling and Reuse Resources.

Some trash haulers are now proving curbside recycling service.  Please contact your local service provider to inquire. 

Residents and businesses are encouraged to deposit old newspapers (and glossy inserts), magazines and catalogs at:

Pantops Shopping Center located next to Roses Store, located off Rt. 250 East.  Open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Northside Library Rear Parking lot, 705 West Rio Road, paper recycling center. Open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

County residents can also use the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority's recycling centers:

Ivy Materials Utilization Center located on Route 637 (Dick Woods Road), 3 miles south of the I-64 (Ivy) Exit.  Residents can use the recycling center just before the scale house to recycle newspaper, magazines, catalogues and cardboard.

For questions about the Ivy Materials Utilization Center, please call (434) 295-3306 or visit the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority website here for fees, hours, and holiday closings.  Additionally, please check their website homepage for a schedule of early closings near holidays.

McIntire Road Recycling Center, located on McIntire Road just north of the Albemarle County Office Building. Center users are strongly encouraged to source separate recyclables at the home/office, so off-loading at McIntire is much easier! In separate containers, McIntire accepts four categories of paper; comingled glass products to include bottles and jars of all colors (but no windowpane glass please); two containers for aluminum beverage cans only and the other is for all other aluminum or steel cans, tin cans, pet cans, aluminum foil; #1 - #7 rigid plastic bottles and containers; and flexible plastic wrap/packaging including plastic grocery bags. 

McIntire also accepts residential food waste for composting.  Details can be found at http://www.rivanna.org/composting/  

For recycling questions at McIntire Recycling, please call (434) 977-2976 or visit the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority website here for hours and holiday closings.  Additionally, please check their website homepage for a schedule of early closings near holidays.

Paper Sort Facility, Located off of Meade Avenue.  From 250 Bypass turn (left if coming from Pantops turn right if coming from Barracks Road) onto East High Street.  Bear left onto Meade Avenue.  Proceed through intersection of Meade Avenue and Market Street to the top of the hill.  Turn into Gerdau on the left.  The Paper Sort will be located at the bottom on the right.

I-64 Exit 121 go north towards Charlottesville.  As you get to the top of the hill and start down take a right onto Carlton Road.  Follow Carlton until you come to the railroad tracks.  Turn right into Gerdau just past the tracks.

For non-Gerdau metals recycling please visit 100 Mead Avenue, Charlottesville. 

For information about solid waste and disposal fees, visit the Ivy Materials Utilization Center.

County Residents can also take advantage of the Spring and Fall Bulky Waste Amnesty Day Program.

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