Community Development

 Department Vision and Organizational Outcomes  |  Citizen's Guide to Community Development


 Community Development Vision

We are the union of the community’s ambitions and the Board of Supervisors’ vision as stewards in a changing world. We use and expand our knowledge of the best and most effective practices to educate and engage the community, guiding an evolution of the County’s people, economy, and quality of life into an ever-brighter future.



Organizational Outcomes


1.  Employee Development

Revamp hiring, evaluation, and compensation practices to entice diverse, talented, community-minded individuals and to retain skilled, productive and engaged employees, and establish a program that fosters employee growth and personal and professional development to empower their passion for their work, effective decision-making, and the provision of superior customer service.

2.  Customer Service & Engagement

Provide excellent individual customer service while considering the greater good of the community and public.

3.  Workplace Culture

Cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace that builds trust among all employees, where everyone is empowered and supported in taking risks, has a sense of belonging, and a strong work/life harmony is valued.

4.  Business Processes & Technology

Develop and implement a plan for process improvement, technology, and integration that provides clear, well defined, organized, accessible information that evolves over time to meet the community’s [and organization’s] needs. 

5.  Work Structure

Examine and structure the organization to better align people and task with needed outcomes so that we end up with an organization that support the need and the level of freedom they desire.