Community Development  |  Guide to Community Development

Department Vision and Organizational Outcomes  |  Your Guide to Community Development


Planning and Zoning 101 Adobe Acrobat Document
An explanation of the basic terminology and practices for planning and zoning.

Land Use & Planning Glossary Adobe Acrobat Document
A listing of key land use and planning terms.


Comprehensive Plan
Albemarle County's most important document regarding growth, development and change.

Albemarle County's Comprehensive Plan 2016 Adobe Acrobat Document
An overview of Albemarle's decisions guiding growth.

Growth Management in Albemarle County Adobe Acrobat Document
An overview of growth management in the County.

Living in Albemarle County's Urban Areas  Adobe Acrobat Document
A closer look at Albemarle's approach to managing growth and creating quality urban environments.


Fundamentals of Virginia Land Use Law Adobe Acrobat Document
An overview of Virginia's Land Use Law.

Land Use Law Handbook
This handbook provides a review of Virginia's planning, zoning and subdivision laws, as implemented by the County's Comprehensive Plan and its Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. It also provides a review of many of the principles and laws that come into play in every land use decision, such as the Dillon Rule, the Conflict of Interests Law and the Freedom of Information Act.

Development Ordinances
The three main development related ordinances administered through Community Development are the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 18), Subdivision Ordinance (Chapter 14) and Water Protection Ordinance (Chapter 17).

Design Standards Manual
Administrative policies of the county engineer, as provided for in the County Code. It is intended to be an on-line resource and supplement.

Development Rights Brochure Adobe Acrobat Document
A Citizen's how-to manual for development rights. Development rights pertain to properties zoned RA, Rural Area.

Legislative and Administrative Processes
Learn more about the changes to the legislative (Specia Usel Permits & Rezonings) and administrative (Site Plans) review processes that took effect in 2013.

Zoning Information Packet Adobe Acrobat Document
Albemarle County's Department of Community Development has created this information packet and checklist to set clear expectations about the requirements to approve preliminary and final zoning inspections. This will allow us to consistently provide quality service to our customers.


Current Virginia Building Codes
The Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code and the International Code Council (ICC) Codes with VA Amendments.

Typical Residential Deck Details Adobe Acrobat Document
Use this information if you are putting up a deck.

Third Party Inspection Policy Adobe Acrobat Document
Review this policy if certain construction inspections are proposed to be performed and certified by private sector third-party inspectors.

Accessory Structures in Residential Districts Adobe Acrobat Document
Use this information if you are putting up a detached garage, storage shed, pool, barn or some other structure that would be considered accessory to your dwelling unit.


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