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Online Credit Card Payments


The Community Development Department (CDD) now accepts credit card payments for permits, applications, plans review and proffers.  

Before proceeding with your credit card payment, please have the following information available to add to the “Notes/Details” field of PayPal.


Please provide as much information as allowed in the Notes/Details field, such as:

o   Type of permit or application (e.g. building, site plan, sign, zoning clearance, etc.);

o   Permit or application number if available (payment is for a permit or application in process with CDD);

o   Project name, owner’s name, physical address (house number and street name) or tax map and parcel number of the location to which your payment applies (payment is for an application not yet received by CDD, or a number has not been assigned by CDD)

o   Your name, business name and contact information (phone number or email address)


Please double check information being provided in “Notes/Details” as well as the payment amount.

To make credit card payments for the transactions noted above click HERE

If you have questions, please email, or call 434-296-5832.