Report Untaxed Vehicle Program

The RUV program provides a direct channel to report people who might be evading personal property tax. We developed the program as a tool to help enforce compliance with our tax laws and ensure fair taxation. It is a good way to take part in the public process of ensuring everyone who lives and owns property in Albemarle County pays their fair share.

Virginia Code requires that the owner of any passenger car, pickup or panel truck, moped, autocycle, or motorcycle, register their vehicle with DMV within 30 days of their residency in the Commonwealth. In July 2016 the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors amended the County Code to impose a $250 penalty that will be levied for any motor vehicle that has not been properly registered after 30 days of residence in the County.

Information such as DMV and tax records will be reviewed when an RUV report is submitted for a vehicle that is suspected to be untaxed. If we determine that Albemarle County is the taxable locality, we will make a tax assessment and issue a bill to the vehicle owner. If we cannot confirm the taxable locality, we will keep the information for one year from the time it was first reported, in case any new leads are found.

In some instances vehicles with non-Virginia plates are not required to register. Some examples include active-duty military, out-of-state students, or family visiting from out of state. When vehicles that are not required to be registered are reported through the RUV program, proof of ineligibility must be provided.

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